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Hi, my name is Wayne Arsenault and as you may know, I am a Mature Student at Humber College. Funny, but I graduated from Humber College in 1976 as a Computer Programmer and here I am in 2016, 40 years later, coming back to Humber to learn all about Web Design, Development and Maintenance.

After I graduated the first time, I was hired by IBM as a Computer Operator. Spent 20 years there doing a number of different jobs, but always in the technical field. I met my wife at IBM and after she packaged out in 1993, she started a small consulting company facilitating meetings using technology. When I packed it in in 1996, I joined her in that venture. It took us all across North America to some wonderful places and met a variety of really interesting people. Everything from the RCMP to the Hockey Hall of Fame and everything in between.

The real reason I’m back in school to refresh my skill set is, I just got bored with retirement and decided I would like to do something that can be done from home, or anywhere, on a contract basis. I don’t intend on retiring again any time soon. One thing most people don’t know about me, is I did a stint as a male model for woodworking shows and magazines. It wasn’t a very lucrative, or long career, but it certainly was fun.

I really intend to add things to this site as we go along and I get more experience. So far it's just basic code, nothing fancy. It will get bettter as I get more edumicated!!